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Ridge Augmentations

Ridge Augmentations Treatment in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Beyond Dental & Implant Center provides treatments to restore missing bone mass. Call us for more information or request an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Dallas TX and Fort Worth TX.

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Tooth replacement with dental implants
How bone loss impacts implant success
What is a ridge augmentation?
Bone grafting for a ridge augmentation

Dallas Fort Worth

Today, dental implants are one of the most popular options available for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants provide several significant benefits, including improving your smile, restoring the functions of your missing teeth, and incredible comfort. Dental implants are also a long-term solution for tooth loss. Their success depends upon the condition of your jawbone. Too little bone mass could result in implant failure. If you do not have enough bone mass in your jaw, Beyond Dental and Implant Center can help to make implants possible with a ridge augmentation.

Tooth replacement with dental implants

Dental implants are a modern solution for replacing missing teeth. This unique treatment uses small titanium posts to provide support for your replacement teeth. The posts are surgically placed into your jawbone. As you heal, your bone fuses to the posts in a process called osseointegration. The posts are stabilized within your jaw and can hold your teeth securely in place.

How bone loss impacts implant success

Dental implants rely on your jawbone for success. However, bone loss in the jaw is a natural occurrence following tooth loss. Your teeth provide stimulation for your jawbone. This stimulation lets your body know to send essential nutrients required for the health and strength of your jaw. When you suffer tooth loss, your jawbone loses stimulation. Because of this, the body begins to believe your jaw needs fewer nutrients. As a result, fewer are sent. The bone begins to weaken and lose mass. If too much bone mass is lost, your jawbone will not be able to fuse properly, or at all, to your implant posts. This can result in loose implant posts and implant failure.

What is ridge augmentation?

When your jawbone is not strong enough to support dental implants, a bone graft can be performed. If you have lost a significant amount of bone mass, you may be recommended for a type of bone graft known as ridge augmentation. This procedure restores missing bone mass, while also restoring height and width to your jaw as well.

A ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves harvesting bone mass from one region of your body, or taking bone material from a tissue bank, and transplanting it to the weak areas of your jaw. The procedure is done under a local anesthetic and sedation. Small incisions in your gums provide us with the access we need to place the bone graft material. After your procedure is complete, your gums are sutured closed. Once you have fully healed from your ridge augmentation, your dental implants can be placed.

Bone grafting for a ridge augmentation

There are a few different types of bone grafts that may be used. At your initial consultation, we will thoroughly examine your mouth to help determine the best type of graft to use.

• Autograft. An autograft uses bone mass harvested from your own body. While an additional surgical site is required, there is no risk for disease transmission or rejection.
• Allograft. An allograft uses bone material taken from a tissue bank from a human donor. The tissue is screened before use to ensure safety. With this type of graft, there is no need for an extra surgical site.
• Xenograft. A xenograft uses bone material harvested from an animal source, typically cow. The bone is processed at high temperatures to ensure safety. Again, this type of graft does not require an additional surgical site.

With ridge augmentation, we can help to restore bone mass to your jaw, giving it back its height, width, and its strength. This allows for the successful placement of dental implants. For more information, and to find out if a ridge augmentation is right for you, call Beyond Dental and Implant Center today. We serve patients from Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Cockrell Hill TX, Mesquite TX, Highland Park TX, Forest Hill TX, Saginaw TX, and White Settlement TX.

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