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4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Mouth Taping

4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Mouth Taping

Mouth taping is supposed to help treat mouth breathing when you are asleep. At Beyond Dental & Implant Center we offer mouth taping services. Contact us for more information or simply schedule an online appointment! We are conveniently located at 13655 Preston Rd Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75240.

4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Mouth Taping Near Me in Dallas TX
4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Mouth Taping Near Me in Dallas TX

Table of Contents:

What is mouth taping?
Is mouth taping safe?
Does mouth taping stop teeth grinding?
What are the benefits of mouth taping?

Whether you have a snoring issue, feel as though you are always tired no matter how much sleep you had the previous night, or constantly wake up with a dry mouth, you may have a problem with breathing out of your mouth. If you notice that you are dealing with such symptoms, mouth taping can be an effective way to help encourage your sleeping self to breathe out of your nose, which can improve your quality of sleep and overall health. At Beyond Smiles Dental & Implant Center, our dental sleep specialists would be happy to provide you with mouth-taping treatment if you are looking for an effective way to stop breathing out of your mouth.

What is mouth taping?

Mouth taping is a minimally invasive and pain-free way to help patients minimize mouth breathing while they sleep. In essence, mouth taping works in the reverse way that nasal congestion does. When your nose is stuffed up, it causes you to breathe through your mouth. In like manner, mouth taping encourages you to breathe out of your nose by keeping your mouth closed as you sleep.

While the difference between breathing out of your nose or your mouth may seem to be of little consequence, it is actually much healthier for our bodies when we breathe out of our nose instead of our mouth, as long as we are not dealing with nasal congestion. When we are in the habit of breathing out of our mouth, it can lead to several health complications or conditions, such as the following:

• Bad breath (halitosis)
• Brain fog
• Disordered breathing
• Gum disease (periodontitis)
• Poor sleep or chronic fatigue
• Obstructive sleep apnea
• Tooth decay

In children, a habit of breathing out of one’s mouth can lead to crooked teeth, facial deformities, or poor growth. Mouth breathing can also increase one’s risk of chronic allergies, asthma, hay fever, and chronic sinus infections.

Is mouth-taping safe?

While mouth taping is generally safe, it is important to only do so under the guidance of a sleep specialist or dentist that is board-certified in dental sleep medicine. They can provide you with the proper tape and instructions for using the tape safely and effectively. If you are dealing with severe nasal congestion from allergies or illness, mouth taping is not advised. At Beyond Smiles, Dr. Cory Nguyen is board-certified with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). As such, he is expertly trained and qualified to provide you with safe and effective mouth-taping treatment.

Does mouth taping stop teeth grind?

While mouth taping is not a surefire way to stop teeth grinding (bruxism), it has been shown to reduce teeth grinding in many patients. Many cases of bruxism are closely linked with mouth breathing. As such, the treatment of mouth breathing with mouth taping can also be an effective way to reduce or stop your teeth from grinding as you sleep.

What are the benefits of mouth-taping?

If you habitually breathe through your mouth, you may benefit in numerous ways from mouth taping! Some of the common benefits of mouth taping include increased nitric oxide intake, fewer teeth grinding, and reduced risk of dry mouth. For patients who habitually breathe through their mouth, such benefits can translate in the following ways:

• Better sleep quality
• Fewer cavities
• Greater mental clarity, memory, and concentration
• Helps with asthma symptoms
• Improved dental health and breath odor
• Less snoring
• Prevents or reduces the risk of high blood pressure, lung conditions, sleep apnea, and other conditions
• Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Reduces inflammation in your body

If you are interested in learning more about mouth taping or would like to schedule an appointment with us at Beyond Smiles, we welcome you to do so through our website or by giving us a call! We serve patients from Dallas TX, Plano TX, Addison TX, Garland TX, Richardson TX, Carrollton TX, and BEYOND!