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I-CAT Cone Beam CT

Dental I-CAT Cone Beam CT Scan in Dallas, TX

Beyond Dental & Implant Center provides dental I-CAT cone beam CT scans for your oral exams. Contact us for more information or request an appointment online. Visit us at 13655 Preston Rd Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75240 near you today!

Dental I-CAT Cone Beam CT Scan Near Me in Dallas, TX
Dental I-CAT Cone Beam CT Scan Near Me in Dallas, TX

Table of Contents:

What is the I-CAT cone beam CT?
How is I-CAT used?
A 3D scan in less than one minute
I-CAT benefits
Is I-CAT cone beam CT safe?

When you are faced with oral health issues, an oral exam is needed. To diagnose the cause of your symptoms, we need to see all the components of your mouth. However, there are numerous structures in your mouth that are not visible to the naked eye. At Beyond Dental and Implant Center, we use the latest dental technologies to get to the root of your issue and create an effective treatment plan to restore your oral health. One of these technologies is the dental I-CAT cone beam CT.

What is the dental I-CAT cone beam CT?

The dental I-CAT cone beam CT is a computed tomography technology that is much more advanced than traditional CAT scans, CT scans, and X-rays. The technology behind this machine is fairly similar to the technology of a digital X-ray, while the images produced are much more similar to those produced by a CT scan. The machine uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam that rotates a full 360 degrees around your head to capture a 3D image of your mouth. As the cone rotates around your head, it captures a series of images that are then pieced together into a single high-quality 3D picture that shows us bones, teeth, soft tissues, and nerves. With a clear picture of your mouth, we can make much more accurate diagnoses and provide you with a much more effective treatment plan.

How is I-CAT used?

With I-CAT, we can see many things that we cannot otherwise see with an X-ray. This enables us to diagnose and formulate treatment plans for, many more issues. With the I-CAT cone beam CT, we can:

• Determine the best locations for dental implants.
• Determine the need for a bone graft.
• Assess the sinus cavities to determine if a sinus lift is needed.
• Examine nasal passageways.
• Take a close look at the nerve passageways. Noting the location of the nerves also helps us to avoid them during dental
• Implant placement.
• Look at the internal anatomy of your teeth to better plan a root canal treatment.
• Diagnose impacted teeth.
• Diagnose pathological diseases that may not be able to be diagnosed with an x-ray.
• Evaluate jaw tumors.
• Evaluate the condition of your jaw in the instance of TMD.
• Plan reconstructive jaw surgery.

A 3D scan in less than one minute

Before getting your scan, you will need to remove all jewelry and piercings as well as any hair accessories with metal. If you wear glasses or hearing aids, these will also need to be removed. Once you are ready, you will then sit at the machine and place your chin on the rest. We will make the necessary adjustments to the I-CAT machine to ensure that we get the best possible picture. When everything is set, the image is taken. It takes less than one minute to capture the image, but it is essential that you remain completely still as the cone beam rotates around your head. Once the scan is complete, it takes only a few additional seconds for the image to be displayed on the computer monitor.

Dental I-CAT benefits

There are many benefits of the I-CAT cone beam CT machine.

• Getting the scan is non-invasive and completely painless.
• It takes less than a minute to capture the image.
• The image produced is high-quality and provides exact one-to-one measurements.
• Specialized software allows us to manipulate your 3D scan in a variety of different ways so that we can see your mouth from multiple angles.
• We can see the smallest details by zooming in and enhancing target areas of the mouth.
• One scan shows bone, teeth, soft tissue, and nerves.
• You can see everything we can see, which can help you to better understand your diagnosis and why certain treatments are being recommended.

Is dental I-CAT cone beam CT safe?

Many patients are concerned about the safety of the I-CAT cone beam CT machine. There is radiation used with this type of technology, but it is lower than with a traditional CT scan. The radiation involved does not stay in your body. However, if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or nursing, you may not be a candidate for this type of scan. We can help you to determine if the I-CAT cone beam CT scan is right for you.

With I-CAT Cone Beam CT technology, we can get a much more accurate picture of your mouth, allowing us to provide you with a more accurate diagnosis and a much more effective treatment plan. Call us here at Beyond Dental and Implant Center today, to find out more! We serve patients from Dallas TX, Plano TX, Addison TX, Garland TX, Richardson TX, Carrollton TX, and BEYOND!