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Our implant specialist at Beyond Dental and Implant Center offers Zygoma and Pterygoid implants. Call us today to see if you are a good candidate for these uniquely designed zygoma and pterygoid implants. If you have severe bone resorption in upper jaw, or you are being told by other dentists that you can’t have upper implants for permanent implant teeth. Also if you have failed existing All-On-4 implant fixed bridge in your mouth we can help. We are accepting new patients in both of our convenient locations in Dallas TX and Fort Worth TX. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!

Zygomatic Implants Near Me in Dallas TX, and Fort Worth TX
Zygomatic Implants Near Me in Dallas TX, and Fort Worth TX

What are Zygomatic dental implants?

Zygomatic dental implants are a new advancement that provides patients who would typically be unsuitable for dental implants due to insufficient bone structure with a safer, reliable, long lasting and more economical option. Unlike current, more invasive procedures that can take months for patients to realize the full benefit of dental implants, zygomatic implants have a turnaround time of 72 hours for patients to be able to eat and chew food with their new, permanent teeth. Zygomatic dental implants have been designed to work for patients who have significant bone loss that would support typical implants in their upper jaw. As dental implants are typically installed into the existing jawbone, this can pose a problem for many patients as they don’t have the structure to support implants without having to undergo more extensive treatment that can include bone grafts. Zygomatic implants are instead anchored into the cheek bones, called the zygoma, using extra long anchors and bypassing the need to rely on the upper jawbone.

How do zygomatic implants work?

Zygomatic implants work by bypassing the upper jawbone completely and instead use extra-long implants that are anchored into the cheek bones. They are placed near where the bicuspid teeth are located in your mouth, the fourth and fifth teeth on the top jaw from the center of the mouth, towards the back of your mouth. The cheek bone, called the zygomatic bone, is a thick, solid bone with more than enough stability to support the implants for a long-lasting, natural appearance. The bone in the upper jaw is typically very soft, so this procedure provides a more stable, anchored treatment option for dental implant restorations on the top row of teeth. The strong, stable structure of the cheek bone also makes this procedure predictable and very safe.

What are the benefits of Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic implants have several benefits for patients looking for an option to restore their smile and teeth function with a permanent solution that will look and feel natural. Unlike dentures that can move and shift, and cause damage to the gums and jawbone, zygomatic implants are a solid anchored solution that look and function like natural teeth, without limiting the foods you can eat or having to worry about your teeth falling out. Zygomatic implants have a quicker recovery time than other implant options as they don’t involve bone grafts or anchors being placed into the jawbone. This means you can resume normal activities including returning to work and eating solid foods much faster than other dental implant treatments. The procedure time is also fairly quick, with patients able to have any natural teeth extracted and the zygomatic implants placed all in the same appointment. Zygomatic implants also use less implant rods, with an average of 1 extra-long zygomatic dental implant used in the space of 3-4 regular dental implants. Depending on the extent of work needing to be completed, zygomatic implants could potentially be a less expensive option as well, particularly in patients who don’t have a lot of structure in their upper jawbone and would need bone grafts for a typical dental implant procedure.

Are zygomatic implants right for you?

Every patient’s needs are unique based on the current state of their teeth and the structure of their jawbone. Zygomatic implants are a viable option for pretty much any patient who is considering dental implants as it has many benefits over other dental implant treatment options. Zygomatic implants will work well in patients who have a limited amount of jawbone to work with on the upper jaw, but they are also suitable for any patient needing implants. It is best to talk through your dental implant options with your dentist to understand the different treatments, what the risks and benefits of each are, and what the potential cost will be. Most benefit plans don’t cover dental implants as they are considered a cosmetic procedure, so understanding the costs can play a huge factor in your decision. Your dentist can help you weight the pros and cons of each type of implant procedure to determine the right choice for you.

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