Tongue Tie Surgery in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Tongue Tie Surgery Questions and Answers

Dr. Cory Nguyen at Beyond Dental & Implant Center specializes in effective non laser Tongue Tie / Frenectomy surgery to treat patients who suffer from tongue tie conditions. Call us for more information or request an appointment online. We have 2 convenient locations to serve you in Dallas TX, and Fort Worth TX!

Tongue Tie Surgery Near Me in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX
Tongue Tie Surgery Near Me in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

What is Tongue tie?

Tongue tie (also called Ankyloglossia) is when the bottom of the tongue is attached to the floor of the mouth. This may cause the tip of the tongue to move freely.

What are the Causes of Tongue-Tie?

The tongue is joined from the bottom of the mouth by a band of tissue called the lingual frenulum. For people with tongue tie, this band is overly short and thick. The exact cause of tongue tie is unknown. However, family history and genes may play a role in the cause of tongue tie.

What Procedures and Treatments Available?

The surgery involves cutting and releasing the connected frenulum under the tongue. It is most often done in the provider’s office.

Laser vs. Scissors?

Tongue tie surgeries performed by Dr. Cory Nguyen are non-laser and mainly using a scissors and blunt dissecting technique. This allows better and faster healing with less scar tissue as well as produces better results as opposed to laser tongue tie surgery.
Dr. Cory Nguyen will work with patient to perform myofunctional therapy (also known as tongue exercises) before and after surgery to improve tongue mobility and stretching muscle fibers.

Visit Before and After Tongue Tie Gallery

Visit our before and after tongue- tie gallery. Contact us to speak with our Tongue Tie Surgeon, Dr. Cory Nguyen for further evaluation and treatment options. We serve patients from Fort Worth TX, Dallas TX, Cockrell Hill TX, Mesquite TX, Highland Park TX, Forest Hill TX, Saginaw TX, and White Settlement TX.

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