Sedation Dentistry Questions and Answers

Sedation Dentistry Questions and Answers

Do you dread being in the dental chair? You no longer have to worry about a thing. Talk to our team of dental professionals today at Beyond Dental & Implant Center about sedation dentistry. We help you relax so that you can smile with confidence again. Call us today for more information or visit us online to book an appointment. We are accepting new patients in both our convenient locations in North Fort Worth TX, and, Dallas TX.

Sedation Dentistry Near Me in North Fort Worth TX, and Dallas TX
Sedation Dentistry Near Me in North Fort Worth TX, and Dallas TX

What does sedation mean at the dentist?

Sedation in dentistry provides patients who have a phobia of dentists and dental treatments with the ability to receive dental care without the fear and anxiety that often prevents them from going to the dentist. There are many different levels of sedation available to patients, depending on how severe their anxiety and fear is. Sedation can be used on patients for any and all dental procedures, again depending on the individual patient, from a simple cleaning to an invasive procedure. Dental sedation does not put patients to sleep, unless they are under general anesthesia, it merely helps them to relax so the dentist can provide the necessary treatment. There are 3 different levels of sedation – minimal, moderate and deep. In all three, the patient remains somewhat awake. In deep sedation they may hover on the edge of consciousness but can be easily awakened if they do fall asleep. The dentists at Beyond Smiles offer sedation dentistry for patients as needed. If you are nervous about your appointment, mention your fears when you book your appointment or give us a heads up prior to your appointment and we will be able to provide you with sedation options to help you get through your appointment.

Why is dental sedation necessary?

Dental sedation is necessary for some patients who have severe anxiety or a strong phobia of the dentist and any type of dental procedure. For some patients, even a simple dental cleaning can send them running in the opposite direction. Patients who suffer from these fears may prefer to suffer through a toothache, even if it is incredibly painful, rather than visit the dentist. Sedation dentistry provides these patients with medication that will enable them to relax in the dental chair in order for the dentist to clean and examine their teeth. Good dental hygiene is important to our overall health and well-being so it is important that we receive regular dental checkups as part of a preventative plan. Particularly for patients who are afraid of the dentist, regular checkups will enable the dentist to catch any potential concerns in the initial stages to start treatment early on. This will help to avoid more drastic and invasive procedures later on, which can only aggravate an existing phobia of the dentist.

Is dental sedation better than general anesthesia?

Dental sedation and general anesthesia have different uses and serve different purposes when it comes to dental treatment. Dental sedation comes in three different levels – minimal, moderate and deep. Minimal sedation provides just enough medication to the patient that they remain awake and alert, but in a relaxed state. Moderate sedation provides a bit more medication for further relaxation that will keep the patient awake, however they may not remember much of their appointment and may slur their words. Deep sedation is the highest level of sedation in which the patient remains conscious, although they may fade in and out of consciousness. They are easily awakened though, should they in fact fall asleep. General anesthesia does put a patient completely under so they are unconscious. Sedation is overall a safer option than general anesthesia but the dentists at Beyond Smiles can determine which option is better for you based on the treatment you are receiving and the severity of your fear.

How long does sedation last at the dentist?

Dental sedation can last anywhere from two to eight hours depending on the type of sedation used and at what level. Patients who undergo dental sedation will need to arrange for someone to take them to and from their appointment as they will not be fit to drive. The dental experts at Beyond Smiles can help you to understand your dental sedation dosage, any side effects you may experience and how long the effects can last. Everyone handles sedation medications differently, so while the dentist can give you an idea of the longevity of the sedation, your actual experience can vary slightly depending how your body responds to the medication. Talk to our team of dental professionals today at Beyond Smile about sedation dentistry and its benefits. We serve patients from Fort Worth TX, Dallas TX, Cockrell Hill TX, Mesquite TX, Highland Park TX, Forest Hill TX, Saginaw TX, and White Settlement TX.

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