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Neuromuscular Dentistry in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

Beyond Dental & Implant Center offers TENS for TMJ. Transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation relaxes your muscles and gives relief to patients who are suffering from TMJ. Call us for more information or request an appointment online.

Neuromuscular Dentistry Near Me in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX
Neuromuscular Dentistry Near Me in Dallas, TX

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What is TMJ?
Why does neuromuscular dentistry work?
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What is TMJ?

Your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is one of the most complex joints in the body. This series of ligaments, muscles, and discs act as a sliding hinge that allows you to move your lower jaw up, down, and side-to-side. Any problems that affect the proper use of your TMJ are known as TMD or temporomandibular disorders. The exact cause of TMD is hard to pinpoint because the symptoms and signs vary from patient to patient. At Beyond Dental and Implant Center, we take into account the synergistic relationship between your muscles, nervous system, bite (occlusion), and TMJ. This method of diagnosis and treatment is known as neuromuscular dentistry. By placing these factors into the equation, we gain a better understanding of your illness and can streamline your treatment to provide immediate and long-term relief.


One of the most effective ways to provide immediate relief for TMD involves the use of TENS. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation. You may be familiar with the TENS unit if you have received chiropractic treatment. The TENS unit delivers tiny electrical impulses to tense muscles to relax them. In neuromuscular dentistry, we use the TENS unit to target the muscles responsible for jaw movement. The unit will cause your muscles to contract and relax at a rate that is scientifically proven to work out tension and eliminate toxins.

TENS has been proven to temporarily arrest the following symptoms of TMD:

• Soreness in the jaw
• Neck pain
• Back pain
• Numbness or tingling of the arms and hands
• Toothaches not related to trauma or decay
• Headaches
• Ringing in the ears
• Pain behind the eyes

Other immediate relief tactics include the application of moist heat or cold packs, pain medication, muscle relaxant medication, muscle massage, trigger point injections, stress management, physical therapy, and sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) blocks.

Why does neuromuscular dentistry work?

Misalignment in your bite can be the result of disharmony with your skeletal system and your neuromuscular system. This causes your muscles to strain when you bring your teeth together, leading to tension issues. Muscle tension related to your TMJ, in turn, can cause spasms of the neck muscles, pinched nerves, and misalignments with your spine. If the muscles are under constant strain, you may also develop trigger points.

Trigger points can be the source of referred pain, which is hard to detect. By identifying, mapping, and treating referred pain patterns, we can bring the jaw back to a muscularly balanced position. TENS treatment is an important part of neuromuscular dentistry. In less than an hour after TENS treatment, your TMJ should be closer to its ideal resting position.

A notch above the rest

Not every dental office offers neuromuscular treatments like TENS. Dr. Cory Nguyen has extensively trained to provide the most effective and modernized treatment related to TMJ. TENS and the other neuromuscular services we offer puts us at a notch above the rest. If your TMD is affecting you on a physical and emotional level, there is no better place to visit than Beyond Dental and Implant Center.

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