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Mouth Guards

Mouthguards in Dallas, TX

Beyond Dental & Implant Center offers mouth guards to treat patients with bruxism. Contact us for more information or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 13655 Preston Rd Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75240.

Table of Contents:

Is your jaw causing you pain?
What causes bruxism?
Symptoms of bruxism
Mouthguards for bruxism

Do you wake up in the morning with an achy feeling or pain in your jaw? Feeling discomfort or pain is how your body lets you know that something is not quite right. When your jaw hurts first thing in the morning, every morning, it could be an indication that you are living with a condition known as bruxism. Bruxism can get worse over time and can greatly interfere with the functions of your mouth and your quality of life. Beyond Dental and Implant Center can help to alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with bruxism with a custom mouthguard.

Is your jaw causing you pain?

Bruxism is a condition in which you grind and clench your teeth. The muscles in your jaw contract, which forces your teeth to clench together. The excessive pressure on your teeth, your jaws, the muscles, and the temporomandibular joints can have a serious impact on your life. The muscles in your mouth tire from overuse. Excessive pressure can also cause excruciating pain that can interfere with even the simplest movements of your mouth.

What causes bruxism?

There are several different causes of bruxism. These include:

• Stress. Stress is one of the biggest causes of bruxism. When you feel stressed, your muscles, including those in your face and mouth, become tense. This tension can force your teeth together. Stress can even affect you while you sleep.
• Caffeine and other stimulants.
• Certain types of medication.
• Lifestyle habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption.
• Alignment issues of your teeth or jaws.

Symptoms of bruxism

Feeling pain in your jaw and temporomandibular joints when you first wake up every morning is a common symptom of bruxism. However, it is not the only one. There are several other symptoms that can occur as well. These symptoms often come on gradually and increase in intensity as time goes on.

• Swelling in your face and jaw.
• Pain in the face.
• Excessive wear on your teeth. Grinding and clenching can wear away at the enamel of your teeth, increasing your risk for cavities and tooth damage.
• Gum recession, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.
• Loose teeth. Bruxism can cause your periodontal ligaments to widen, loosening your teeth.
• Chronic headaches or earaches.

Mouthguards for bruxism

If you suffer from bruxism, we can help to alleviate the symptoms with a custom mouthguard. A mouthguard is a device that is worn over your top teeth, much like a sports guard. This particular type of oral device is designed to absorb the impact that the muscles in your jaw exert when you grind or clench and provide cushioning for your teeth. We create your mouthguard for you from a digital impression of your mouth. With digital impressions, we can create a perfectly fitting mouthguard that also takes your bite into consideration. As a result, you are provided with a comfortable fit that will provide you with the best results.

With a custom-fit mouthguard, we can help to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism, eliminating your pain and greatly improving your quality of life. Call Beyond Dental and Implant Center today for more information and to schedule your consultation today. We serve patients from Dallas TX, Plano TX, Addison TX, Garland TX, Richardson TX, Carrollton TX, and BEYOND!