Emergency Dentist in DFW Area

Emergency Dentist in DFW Area

If you or someone you know has an urgent dental situation, trust the professionals at Beyond Dental & Implant Center to provide you with top-level care. Call us today for more information or schedule an appointment online. We are accepting new patients in both our convenient locations in Dallas TX and Fort Worth TX.

Emergency Dentist Near Me in DFW Area
Emergency Dentist Near Me in DFW Area

Table of Contents:

What to do in a dental emergency?
What are the most common dental emergencies?
What is the cost of dental emergencies?
Will my insurance cover emergency dental care?

An emergency dentist is a dentist who offers urgent dental care when patients are in a great deal of pain and need immediate treatment. They are the best option for those who have urgent dental needs but cannot see their regular dentist right away. Emergency dentists have a high level of training, knowledge, and experience in dealing with urgent dental situations and can care for all types of dental emergencies, including broken or chipped teeth, loose or missing teeth, excessive gum bleeding, and severe oral pain.

What to do in a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is defined as an urgent situation involving the teeth, jaw, mouth, or gums that requires immediate care. There are many types of dental emergencies, from severe tooth pain to dislodged teeth. How a dental emergency is handled depends on the type and severity; the following are the most common dental emergencies and what to do if they should arise:


• Floss carefully to remove trapped food particles
• Rinse mouth with warm saltwater (add half a teaspoon of salt to 8 ounces of warm water)
• Take an over-the-counter pain reliever
• Do not put aspirin in the area
• Use a cold compress to reduce swelling

Dislodged (knocked-out) tooth:

• Locate the tooth immediately, if possible
• Do not scrub or remove any tissue
• Do not use soap/chemicals on the tooth
• Do not dry the tooth
• Keep the tooth moist at all times
• Place the tooth in milk
• See a dentist within 30 minutes

Chipped or broken teeth:

• Locate the piece of the tooth
• Rinse mouth with warm water
• Assess for any rough edges or pain
• Check for temperature sensitivity
• Use a cold compress to reduce swelling

What are the most common dental emergencies?

The most common dental emergencies are:

Toothache — There could be several reasons for a toothache; because of this, the cause of a toothache can only be accurately diagnosed by a dental professional.

Cracked Tooth — There are many accidents that can crack a tooth, from chewing hard foods and biting down on objects, to using the teeth as tools to open bottles or packages. In minor cases, a cracked tooth may not be considered a dental emergency, but severe cases that cause pain are and should be treated as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Tooth — Sometimes a tooth cracks or chips, but other times a tooth can completely fall out. This is more common in contact sports such as football or hockey, but can happen to anyone if they sustain a traumatic impact to the face.

What is the cost of dental emergencies?

The cost of a dental emergency is different in every situation; there are many factors involved, including:

• The type of emergency
• The severity of the situation
• The treatments needed
• The location of the dental clinic
• If after-hours care was provided
• Potential complications

While it is impossible to predict how much a dental emergency will cost, emergency dental care is more expensive than standard dental care.

Will my insurance cover emergency dental care?

Most dental insurance plans provide coverage for at least 50 percent of the cost of emergency dental services, such as major restorative treatments. However, every insurance policy is different, so it is important to check the details of your individual plan in order to determine your coverage. At Beyond Dental and Implant Center, we accept many types of dental insurance, so you can receive the care you need.

Our dentists are specially trained to handle dental emergencies and can help you in your time of need. We have two Texas locations to better serve you: one in Dallas, TX, and one in Fort Worth, TX. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Cockrell Hill TX, Mesquite TX, Highland Park TX, Forest Hill TX, Saginaw TX, and White Settlement TX. 

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