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Dental Implants in DFW Area

Dental Implants Specialist in DFW Area

Losing teeth can be very disheartening, and the prospect of dentures can be even more so! However, dental implants are a proven alternative that could significantly improve your gum and jawbone health and quality of life. If dental implants interest you, our highly-skilled dentists at Beyond Smiles Dental & Implant Center can provide excellent solutions for you! Please contact us for more information, or simply book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 13655 Preston Rd Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75240.

Dental Implants Procedure Near Me DFW Area
Dental Implants Procedure Near Me DFW Area

Table of Contents:

What options are there for dental implants?
What happens in a dental implant procedure at Beyond Smiles?
What are the advantages of dental implants?

What options are there for dental implants?

Depending on what you are hoping to achieve with dental implants, there are a variety of options that you can choose from, including fixed or fixed-removable solutions. Ultimately the decision between fixed or fixed-removable dental implants depends on your cleaning behavior and preferences, how much you are willing to spend on dental implants, and how permanent you want the implants to be. The main difference between fixed and fixed-removable implants is that the dental prosthesis can be removed with the latter but not the former, while the implants themselves are fixed to the jawbone in both options. Other dental implant options include the following:

All-on-4 dental implants
• Bone grafts
Bone regeneration procedures
• Block grafts
• Conventional dental implants
• Full mouth implants
• Implant-supported bridges or dentures
• Implants with regenerative medicine
Ridge augmentations
Single and multiple implants
• Tooth socket grafts

For more information on any of the above dental implant options, feel free to call us at Beyond Smiles Dental & Implant Center or visit the services page of our website for an in-depth look at each dental implant option we provide. 

What happens in a dental implant procedure at Beyond Smiles?

Before your dentist can safely perform a dental implant procedure, they need to ensure that it is a suitable option for you. As such, they will need to examine the health of your gums and jawbone to ensure they are strong enough and free from inflammation or conditions that could result in complications with treatment. In order to do so, they will use X-ray imaging and other digital tools to determine how much bone remains in your jawbone and generate an exact three-dimensional image of your mouth. This information will enable your dental team to move forward with a treatment plan. If your jawbone lacks bone density, a procedure known as bone augmentation may need to happen before the implant can be placed.

The first step in treatment is implant placement, which is performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. Depending on how many teeth you are getting replaced, implants are placed in a single- or multiple-step procedure.

Once the implants are in place, you will likely be given a temporary tooth replacement to stand in place until the implant area has completely healed. It will take some time for the bone to fuse with the implant, a biological process known as osseointegration, and can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to complete. After the bone has completely fused to the implant, the final or definitive restorative tooth will be placed on the implant. The definitive tooth will be designed for long-term function and to blend in with your jaw and tooth structure and alignment.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many advantages of dental implants as opposed to bridges or dentures! The following are some of the great benefits of getting dental implants:

• With dental implants, you are less likely to experience gum irritation or inflammation that is often associated with wearing dentures.
• There is no need for denture adhesives with dental implants. For the most part, dental implants require the same oral hygiene and cleaning habits that you would require for actual teeth unless you have a removable overdenture, which can be easily removed and cleaned.
• Since dental implants naturally fuse with your jawbone, they prevent bone loss and degradation, which naturally occurs with dentures since they do not stimulate the jawbone.
• Dental implants do not negatively impact eating or speaking, provide a natural-looking smile, have a stable and comfortable fit, and are a long-lasting and proven solution!

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and are interested in getting dental implants, we can help you out with that at Beyond Smiles Dental & Implant Center! Call us today for an appointment or schedule one through our website. We serve patients from Dallas TX, Plano TX, Addison TX, Garland TX, Richardson TX, Carrollton TX, and BEYOND!