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Alcohols Effects on Sleep Apnea

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep Apnea?

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How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep Apnea in Dallas, TX
How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep Apnea in Dallas, TX

Most people believe that alcohol is a mood enhancer. Whatever mood you have going into drinking alcohol is enhanced. While this may appear true to most, it actually is a depressant.

It slows your reactions, lowers your inhibitions, and decreases how quickly you pick up on things. The depressant effect of alcohol is dangerous to those who have sleep apnea. It should be avoided whenever possible.

How alcohol can depress your system

When you drink alcohol, it slows every part of your body down. This includes your breathing. If you struggle to breathe already due to your apnea, then adding something that is going to slow it down more to the mix is never advised. It can make it to where your breaths are so slow and shallow that you have longer episodes and go without much-needed oxygen for a longer period of time.

If you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, you need to seek out help. You can speak with your doctor or your dentist to get the help you need. If you do not have an addiction to alcohol, then you should stop drinking it until you no longer suffer from sleep apnea. Some people suffer from it their entire lives, while others have the condition go away after some time because the circumstances that caused the apnea are no longer present.

Find out what your dentist thinks you should do in terms of treating your sleep apnea. The more you stay proactive about your treatment, the better. Give your dentist a call us today, and find out if there are things that you could be doing to decrease your episodes, or to cause your apnea to disappear entirely. Then, you can go back to old habits that you may miss. Visit Beyond Dental & Implant Center for more information. We serve patients from Dallas TX, Plano TX, Addison TX, Garland TX, Richardson TX, Carrollton TX, and BEYOND!