Agility Mouthguard Questions and Answers

Agility Mouthguard Questions and Answers

The Agility Guard establishes a sense of safety with its performance protection. This mouthguard protects your smile, increasing your focus while playing sports. Forget about the risk of injuring your teeth and enjoy playing your sport of choice. Beyond Dental & Implant Center offers our patients the Agility Guard. Call us today for more information or book an appointment online. We are accepting new patients in North Fort Worth TX, and Dallas TX.

Agility Mouthguard Near Me in Dallas TX, and Fort Worth TX
Agility Mouthguard Near Me in Dallas TX, and Fort Worth TX

Mouthguard technology is all the rave these days. You see, new mouthcare, like the Agility Guard, helps protect an athlete’s teeth, allowing them to unleash their full performance potential on the ice, field, court, or in the ring.

What is an Agility Guard?

An Agility Guard is a custom fitted mouthguard, designed and engineered with the athlete in mind. Not only does an Agility Guard protect an athlete’s teeth, but with a custom fit for each individual wearer, it protects the teeth without being a hindrance to the athlete’s performance due to the perfect fit. While athletes have been using mouthguards for many years, the Agility Guard has changed the game by providing mouthguards that are focused on comfort, durability and precision, custom fit with the end wearer’s needs in mind.

Agility Guards are not just for high level performance athletes. Every day, recreational and lower level competitive and non-competitive athletes can all benefit from the addition of an Agility Guard as part of their standard training gear. Mouthguards are recommended by the American Dental Association for a wide variety of sports, not just contact sports such as hockey, lacrosse, rugby, boxing and football, but also for individual and non-contact sports such as weight-lifting, acrobatics, gymnastics, surfing and skiing.

How can an agility guard help?

The Agility Guard helps athletes by protecting their teeth during training sessions and competitive events, the same way a standard run of the mill mouthguard would. Unlike a mass produced, store bought mouthguard, the Agility Guard has many different styles available and the style chosen is custom fit to the wearer. Athletes work with their certified Agility Guard dentist to determine the best style based on the wearer’s needs, and then have the Agility Guard fitted to ensure maximum comfort and fit while providing the proper protection.

How does an agility guard work?

An Agility Guard works by being molded to the shape of an athlete’s teeth and jaw, ensuring a perfect fit. Having a perfect fit means the mouthguard won’t be knocked loose or even fall out, to provide the ultimate protection. The custom fit of the Agility Guard will provide the best protection for the athlete’s teeth and mouth, compared to a one-size-fits-all stock mouthguard.

What are the benefits of an agility guard?

A custom fit mouthguard like the Agility Guard can reduce the seriousness of injuries sustained through sport, such as a hit to the jaw. This type of injury can potentially cause a concussion, but with an Agility Guard in place, the chances of the injury resulting in a concussion are reduced. Agility Guards also provide the athlete with distraction free protection. Due to the custom fit, the athlete can focus on the sport they are performing, without worrying about their mouthguard coming loose or potentially falling out.

How to properly care for your mouth guard?

Bacteria can grow at an exponential rate if you do not wash your mouth guard properly. Did you know that over 6 billion bacteria ranging between 500-700 species can actually live in your mouth? Not only does this lead to extremely smelly breath but it could affect your brain health as well.

  • Increase the longevity of your AgilityGuard by creating a full proof cleaning plan.
  • Rinse the AgilityGuard with cold water or even mouthwash before and after you use it.
  • It is recommended to clean it with your toothbrush as there are divots that are custom to your teeth.
  • Make sure the water is cold as hot could adjust the fit in some way.
  • Always use your container to avoid misplacement.
  • When we see you at your next check-up, bring your AgilityGuard to our office to evaluate wear and tear.

If you are looking for mouth ware protection, then we encourage you to contact us through our website to learn more about the Agility Guard and its benefits. We are more than pleased to show you the powers of mouthguard technology that helps reduce injuries and keeps you stronger while training and during game time. We serve patients from Dallas TX, North Fort Worth TX, Cockrell Hill TX, Love Field TX, Lakewood TX, Claremont TX, Haltom City TX, River Oaks TX, Forest Hill TX, and Handley TX.

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