Affordable Dental Implant Questions and Answers

Affordable Dental Implant Questions and Answers

At Beyond Dental & Implant Center we offer patients a variety of dental implant options. We work with everyone’s unique situation and within their budget. Call us today for more information or visit us online to book an appointment. We are accepting new patients in both our convenient locations in North Fort Worth TX, and, Dallas TX.

Affordable Dental Implant Near Me in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX
Affordable Dental Implant Near Me in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

What should I know about dental implants?

Dental implants have made amazing strides and improvements over the past several years thanks to advances in technology. There are now several different treatment options of dental implants available to patients to fit within many different budgets and to treat a variety of tooth loss issues. Dental implants are designed to look and function like natural teeth, with the implant itself acting as a tooth root that a replacement tooth, either permanent or removeable, will be placed onto. The replacement teeth are made to match your existing natural teeth so that no one will be able to tell that a tooth isn’t real. The implant itself provides the tooth with a strong foundation so the tooth won’t shift around while you’re talking or eating. The dentists at Beyond Smiles can answer any questions you have about dental implants to help you decide if they are the right treatment for you.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants have many benefits over other methods of tooth replacement. Unlike previous, conventional methods such as bridges or crowns, dental implants provide a permanent root for the tooth that is fused to the jawbone. This means that the tooth, once in place on the implanted “root” will be strong and stable, without any of the shifting or movement that happened with bridges. The replacement tooth is also built to look and feel like your natural tooth so that it will easily blend in with the rest of your teeth for a natural looking smile. Dental implants will look and feel like real teeth and require the same care and hygiene requirements as your natural teeth with regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups. When dental implants are properly taken care of, they can last several years and even potentially for the rest of your life. Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth, depending on the individual needs of the patient.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants can last a long time. The implant itself is a titanium post that creates a permanent root by getting fused to the jawbone, or other available bone structures depending on the type of implant, to mimic the root of a natural tooth. This provides a strong, sturdy base that the tooth will attach to, whether it is a permanent or removable tooth. The prosthetic tooth is built out of a hard, durable material to withstand the wear and tear that teeth go through so that with proper oral hygiene care, the tooth can last for several years, and potentially the rest of the patient’s life. The implant itself should also hold up for the remainder of the patient’s life provided that nothing impacts the implant or the bone it is attached to, that could cause damage to it. The dentists at Beyond Smiles can provide you with the proper care instructions for your dental implants to ensure that your new teeth last as long as possible.

Where do I get an Affordable Dental Implant near me?

Beyond Smiles offers patients a variety of dental implant treatment options to work with their unique situation and within their budget. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable dentists can perform a thorough exam of your mouth, teeth and gums to build out a couple of treatment plan options to suit your needs. We have two convenient locations in Fort Worth TX and Dallas TX to serve you. Book an appointment online or call either of our offices to find out how we can help you get back your natural smile. We serve patients from Fort Worth TX, Dallas TX, Cockrell Hill TX, Mesquite TX, Highland Park TX, Forest Hill TX, Saginaw TX, and White Settlement TX.

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