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Reasons We Need Your Teeth Dry to Work On Them

Reasons We Need Your Teeth Dry to Work On Them ?

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Reasons We Need Your Teeth Dry to Work On Them Near me in Dallas, TX
Reasons We Need Your Teeth Dry to Work On Them Near me in Dallas, TX

There are many things that people wonder about when they come in to our offices for a visit They wonder if they are doing a good job taking care of their teeth. They also wonder why we use all the tools that we do.

One of the tools we use helps keep the mouth dry during an examination and during any work we do.

This creates some of the sounds and sensations that make some people afraid of trips to our offices. Instead of living in fear, learn the reasons why we need a dry mouth to do our job.


Getting a tool that suctions the water from the mouth is something you may expect when you visit our office, but it is time to learn what the benefits are. Our dental professionals do not do it because they like the sound of the suction machine. Here are four reasons that it is best to keep the mouth dry during any dental procedure.

• Cleaning Debris
Whether preparing for some dental procedure or just getting a cleaning, a dry mouth is essential. The suction used to remove the saliva in the mouth also helps remove any debris in the teeth and gums. This makes the cleaning of the teeth more effective.

• Need Dry Teeth
To work on the teeth, it is important for them to remain dry. This allows any fillings to adhere better. The suction removes not only the saliva, which contains bacteria, but also removes any blood that is present while drilling a cavity. The dry tooth provides the best and cleanest surface for any work done.

• Better Visibility
A dry mouth allows us to see the area we are working on better.

• More Comfortable
if we did not suction out the liquid that accumulates in the mouth, you would become uncomfortable. No one wants to sit with a mouthful of saliva and blood while we do our work.

While many people may not realize that there are reasons for keeping their mouth dry during dental treatment, it is possible to see the benefits that this offers. It may not seem like the most pleasant part of an office visit, but it is a good thing.

For more information about this or any other oral health issue, schedule an appointment to see one of our dental professionals.