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Diabetes Takes a Harsh Toll on Your Oral Heath if You Are Not Careful

Diabetes Takes A Harsh Toll On Your Oral Health If You Are Not Careful

It is well known that diabetes can cause problems that go beyond blood sugar levels. One thing that many patients do not think about is how diabetes can affect their oral health. Diabetics need to be especially careful, because they do not want to risk gum disease.

That could lead to worse infections that a diabetic might have a hard time fighting off. A diabetic also does not want to deal with bone loss in the jaw. If you are diabetic, here are a few suggestions to help you to keep your mouth and gums healthy.


Knowledge is important when it comes to diabetes. Make sure that you know the signs of gum disease and examine your mouth on a regular basis. If you smoke, stop. Smoking can increase the risk of several problems of the mouth, including cancer. You do not want to deal with that on top of your diabetes. Another thing that is extremely important when it comes to being proactive is to have regular dental appointments. We want to work with you and make sure that your teeth and gums are staying healthy.


It is also important that you keep to a routine when it comes to your oral health care. Brush after every meal and choose snacks that are not acidic. Carry water with you, especially if you suffer from a dry mouth. Gum can help with a dry mouth as well, but it needs to be sugarless. Floss at least once a day.

It is possible to live a long and happy life with diabetes. You just need to be careful and pay attention to your health. We want to help you as you manage your health. We want to use our education and experience to your advantage.